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 Refresher Course Advanced Scuba Diver (Junior)
 Scuba Discovery Diver Rescue Diver(Junior)
 Supervised Diver Future buddys
 Snorkeler  Master Scuba diver
 Open Water Scuba Diver(Junior) SDI Divemaster
 Advanced Adventure Diver (Junior) 
 Advanced buoyancy Control Marine Ecosystems Awareness Snorkeler
 Boat Recearch Diver
 Computer Sidemount diver
 Computer Nitrox Search & Recovery diver
 Deep Shore/Beach diver
 Drift Solo Diver
 Equipment Specialist UnderWater Digital Photograpy
 Marine Ecosystems Awareness Diver UnderWater Navigation Diver
 Night/Limited Visibility Diver Wreck diver
 Lionfish Eradication diver Wreck limited Penetration diver
 Advanced Gas Blender Intro To Tech
 Advanced Nitrox Diver Nitrox Diver
 Advanced Trimix Diver Prism2 Air Diluent Deco Diver
 Advanced Sidemount diver Prism2 Air Diluent Diver
 Decompression Procedures Diver TDI Helitrox Diver
 Equipment O2 Service Technician TDI Sidemount Diver
 Extended Range Diver Trimix Diver
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